‘There is no doubt that Steve’s is the best systematic approach to novel writing I’ve ever come across.’ – Sabine Meier, Writer’s Ink

‘Steve Carver acted as my literary reader and editor on my novel Where's Sailor Jack? Without him, I wouldn't have written what I wanted to write. I finished with a novel I’m proud of, one which has been acclaimed by critics. I’m just finishing my second novel, using Steve again in the same role. He treats his authors firmly but with great respect, encouraging them to find the right creative thought and writing so that the author’s characters resolve the inevitable dilemmas a lengthy novel produces. I cannot thank him enough. I can’t believe there's anybody better for this role. – John Uttley, author of Where’s Sailor Jack? and No Precedent.

‘I could not have taken my story this far without Stephen’s advice. Not only does he suggest changes, but he gives examples of novels similar to yours, so you have something to quote in an eventual query letter to agents. Stephen has always been happy to dialogue via email and keeps in touch during his critiquing process. I cannot recommend his services highly enough. He has helped me create an entirely viable and commercial novel.’ – Jane Markland

‘Dr Stephen Carver has, without question, changed the direction of my publication strategy for the better and forever. His reading of my submitted text was more detailed and attentive than that undertaken by even my closest personal friends and his feedback, if not always comfortable, was astonishingly comprehensive, honest and accurate. My confidence in the value of Stephen's feedback is further confirmed by the fact that I have since commissioned him to undertake reviews of two further books for me.’ – Michael Forester, author of Vicious, Dragonsong and The Goblin Child and Other Stories

‘Stephen has really been a fantastic mentor. I was very unsure of my writing when I started, having has a rather disappointing experience on a previous course, so I was nervous when I first submitted work. Stephen’s feedback, and his interest in my project, soon made me confident enough to finish the first draft of a memoir. He is generous with his knowledge and expertise in writing and publishing, and he always gives heaps of useful feedback. I appreciated his love of the English Language, as well as his sense of humour. The most important factor was that I trusted him absolutely with some very personal material, where his guidance was both sensitive and sensible. I have learned an enormous amount about writing, and his mentoring enabled me to enjoy developing as a writer.’ – Jane Matheson

‘I just wanted to say how brilliantly helpful Stephen Carver has been as an editor of my work. I came to writing fiction rather late in life and he has overseen the publishing of my Three Lives Trilogy and has just finished working on my next book – to be published in March. He has an ability to get on a wavelength with the writer.  His advice is never patronising, but immediately helpful with great insights and suggestions. I cannot recommend him too highly for people who are looking for editing, or just advice with their writing efforts.’ – Jane McCulloch, author of The Three Lives Trilogy and The Brini Boy

‘Steve is wonderful at instilling confidence in a writer. He doesn’t do this through empty platitudes and just being personally encouraging; instead he is adept at discovering what is potentially good in your writing and making you feel good about it and wanting to write more. When he picks up something you’ve got wrong or something that could be improved, he challenges you to improve and he does it all in a reassuringly chatty and engaging way. His evaluation was incredibly thorough, and I felt that he wasn’t just doing it for the money but because he was genuinely interested in the book. By the time he had edited and proofread it as well it seemed as if it was his book as well as mine. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to write or to have their writing appraised professionally. He’s top class.’ – Betty Hasler

‘Steve is not only my tutor, mentor, editor and friend, but he’s also the saviour of my project. Forgive me if it sounds biased, but to me he is probably the best professional editor in England.’ – Arun Debnath, author of Drifters in an Upside-down Land


‘Both in terms of the breadth of his subject knowledge, as well as his skill in communicating with clients, I recommend, without reservation, Steve’s professional services to anyone fortunate enough to secure them.’ – Rachel Clarke

‘Steve’s assessments and critiques of my manuscripts are full of invaluable insights into both the strengths and weaknesses of my writing. He covers all the bases: plot, characterization, story, structure, style, pace, language, point of view, and copy-editing to boot. His reports are packed with relevant and constructive criticism; the kind that encourages me as an author to develop and maximise my writing potential. I unreservedly recommend him.’ – Mark McKay, author of Dancing with Mortality and The Severance Trilogy

‘At long last publication date for my book has arrived. This would never have materialised without your patience and professional input. I will always be indebted to you.’ ­ Professor Maldwyn Griffith, author of The Historical Jesus: The Origins of Christian Belief


‘Your support has managed to restore the soul.’ – Celeste Penny