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‘A Literature of Cosmic Fear’: An Introduction to H.P. Lovecraft

Cathedral-sized buildings from before the dawn of mankind where the geometry doesn’t make sense; a pulp writer found dead at his desk, a look of frozen horror on his face; the dead scream and a doctor vanishes; alien gods, ancient and terrible, dream beneath the sea… Enter, if you dare, the weird world of H.P. Lovecraft.

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Shark Alley

A Victorian online serial: 'Adrift in the Atlantic with a corrupt Tory M.P. Surrounded by sharks. Low on booze. Who says history is boring?'

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The Author Who Outsold Dickens

My latest book, published by Pen & Sword: 'Ainsworth’s story is also the story of the development of the English novel, perhaps just as much as that story belongs to Dickens. But it is a story rarely told; at least until now...'

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