£145 for a close-reading and appraisal of a work-in-progress with follow-up one-hour phone call

Coaching is a personal, professional and progressive relationship in which we work closely together to improve your skills and develop your style as a writer. This will usually be based around the advancement and completion of a specific project, either a novel, a collection of short stories, or a piece of life writing or general nonfiction. Coaching entails formal and informal communication and knowledge transfer through sharing documents, email and some telephone contact. I am a very experienced teacher and writing coach, as well as an accomplished writer of fiction and nonfiction and a highly regarded editor, if I do say so myself. I’m culturally literate and open-minded, and whether you’re writing experimental literary fiction or working in a commercial genre I will understand your vision and be able to help make it a reality. For each coaching session you submit sections of your work in progress (up to 10,000 words on a negotiated turnaround time), along with any supporting documentation and specific questions (not counted in your word limit). I then read closely (embedding comments in your document), and feed back in an accompanying written report. At the end of the process, you should have a complete manuscript. Sessions can follow whatever schedule suits you, and there is no obligation to ever pay for or commit to more than one at a time, assuming you’d like more than one session. Time between sessions is also not an issue.


Word Count Critique Proof-Reading Copy-Editing Indexing Referencing
1 - 9,999 £150 - - - -
10,000 - 19,999 £164 - - - -
20,000 - 49,999 £274 from £ 174 from £219 Quote Available Quote Available
50,000 - 79,999 £399 from £439 from £549 Quote Available Quote Available
80,000 - 99,999 £475 from £675 from £759 Quote Available Quote Available
100,000 - 149,999 £629 from £735 from £945 Quote Available Quote Available
150,000 - 199,999 £785 from £1099 from £1429 Quote Available Quote Available
200,000 + Quote Available Quote Available Quote Available Quote Available Quote Available
Coaching Word Count
£145 Up to 10,000 per session


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