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Any serious work of non-fiction that uses primary and/or secondary research sources, whether intended for academic publication or the mainstream, should be appropriately referenced, with a full bibliography and some sort of consistent in-text citation, either through parenthetical references (the so-called ‘Harvard’ system and its variants), or foot or endnotes (the ‘Oxford’ and ‘Arts and Humanities’ systems). Imprecise or absent sourcing can undermine an otherwise strong argument or original piece of research. There is nothing more frustrating to a serious reader than inadequate referencing, while the more easy-going consumer will still be further swayed by the argument because of evidential citation; the correct presentation of sources will also improve your chances of acceptance by a good publisher. Every publishing house and university press will have its own preferred bibliographical referencing system, and these can often be a baffling nightmare, as can the accompanying ‘style guides’. Even early-career academics can find adapting to different referencing systems very difficult, especially when it comes to correctly citing archived, unpublished and multimedia sources. There are many ways to formally reference a text, all of them slightly different, and if you don’t know every nuance of the MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard referencing systems you can rest assured that I do. With almost thirty years of advanced academic experience, you can trust me to present your research perfectly in whatever formal referencing system you require. ‘Referencing/Indexing’ packages are also available.


Word Count Critique Proof-Reading Copy-Editing Indexing Referencing
1 - 9,999 £150 - - - -
10,000 - 19,999 £164 - - - -
20,000 - 49,999 £274 from £ 174 from £219 Quote Available Quote Available
50,000 - 79,999 £399 from £439 from £549 Quote Available Quote Available
80,000 - 99,999 £475 from £675 from £759 Quote Available Quote Available
100,000 - 149,999 £629 from £735 from £945 Quote Available Quote Available
150,000 - 199,999 £785 from £1099 from £1429 Quote Available Quote Available
200,000 + Quote Available Quote Available Quote Available Quote Available Quote Available
Coaching Word Count
£145 Up to 10,000 per session


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